Tesla API Comparison

See how Tessie compares to the official Tesla API

The Tessie API builds on the official Tesla API and makes development easier, faster and more delightful by adding power and reducing time, effort and headache.

Core Enhancements

Easy, automatic authorization

The Tesla API uses rotating tokens across multiple APIs requiring you to build a complex OAuth system to maintain. Tessie does it all for you. Generate a Tessie token and you're done.

Doesn't prevent sleep

Making data calls to the Tesla API will prevent your vehicle from sleeping and drain the battery as a result. Tessie data calls don't affect sleep so your Tesla can sleep and conserve energy.

Access historical data

The Tesla API only returns real-time data. Get data for any timeframe with Tessie.

More reliable car controls

Tesla API commands randomly fail for a variety of reasons and requires building complex retry logic. Tessie ensures that commands get executed by handling various network and firmware errors for you.

Get data when the car is sleeping

The Tesla API doesn't return data if the car is sleeping. Tessie always shows you the most recently seen data so you don't need to wake your Tesla.

Driving, charging & battery data

Access drives, charges and battery health data.