What's Tessie?

Tessie is the Tesla management platform for Tesla drivers and fleet managers. πŸš€

It adds 24/7 data logging, advanced analytics, automations, alerts, smart home integrations and more to your Tesla.

There are powerful features for developers:

  • Log your vehicle's data automatically and effortlessly β€” without impacting your battery
  • Retrieve real-time and historical data
  • Fun, fast and easy vehicle controls
  • Access driving, charging and battery health data
  • Friendly developer UX for easily and quickly developing applications, integrations and scripts
  • Access the Tesla Fleet API without worrying about registration, set up, authorization cycling, region handling and command signing

It builds on the Tesla Fleet API and makes development easier, faster and more delightful by adding power and reducing time, effort and headache.

Start a free trial and get your API key now.

What’s Next