Tessie offers a drop-in replacement for the Tesla Fleet API which includes a few major advantages over using the Tesla Fleet API directly.

This is particularly beneficial for developers migrating existing applications from the Tesla Owner API or Tesla Fleet API, as it enables an easy and instant transition with immediate additional benefits.

Use Fleet API instantly without a lengthy setup process

The process of registering and setting up Fleet API and hosting it for your own servers and applications is costly and time consuming. Tessie takes care of everything for you.

Automatic authorization handling

The Tesla Fleet API uses rotating tokens across multiple APIs requiring you to build a complex OAuth system to maintain. Tessie does it all for you. Generate a Tessie access token and you're done.

Automatic Vehicle Command Protocol handling

Tesla requires that most vehicles route signed commands through Vehicle Command Protocol. Don't worry — we took care of that for you too.


Want automatic wakes and error handling?

Use Tessie API endpoints and we'll also handle wakes and errors for you.